Your Ultimate Sock Destination 

We are on the lookout to curate one of the most interesting and useful collections of socks—for men, women and juniors. Sock Bros. is dedicated to providing the most interesting, comfortable and technologically advanced socks you can find. 


From high fashion Italian-designed and manufactured socks, sport performance, to anti-microbial—and even CBD-enhanced socks, Sock Bros. has a unique sock to meet the needs of the most ambitious feet on the planet.


The Sock Bros. collection is growing. Discover products from these great, unique brands.


Italian designed and

manufactured socks 

using some of the most

advanced technologies.

For skiing, running, hiking,

cycling and tennis.

A rich history of California

luxury classic apparel. Socks

that complete a luxurious

look and feel.

Athletic performance socks for soccer and tennis. Worn by the best athletes in the world.